Pet Day Care: Crazy Cats and Deranged Dogs

Purrfect tips for your cat boarding

Every cat owner knows that holiday planning is a little more complicated than just your hotel booking and transport. What are you going to do with the fluffiest member of the family? Leaving your cat at a cat boarding facility is the best way to give you peace of mind while you're on holiday.  A cattery will provide a special home away from home for your feline friend. While they are experts at helping your cat settle in here are five things to consider before your cat boarding adventure begins:

  • Check their vaccinations!

Cat boarding does mean your feline may be exposed to other cats, so having vaccinations up to date will protect them from the infections most harmful to cats. A cat boarding facility will usually ask for proof of vaccinations when your cat arrives, so make sure that you check with your cat's vet that everything is up to date and get a print out of their vaccination history.

  • And speaking of the vet...

While you're thinking of the vet, make sure you have detailed information about any medications your cat may be on or any important parts of their medical history. It's important that the person caring for your kitty knows any medical conditions or surgeries your cat may have had so that they can give them the best care and seek further veterinary care if something comes up.

  • Plan their departure carefully

You know your cat. Does the sight of the carrier make them disappear into that fourth dimension cats seem to have access to? Does pulling out your suitcase lead to your cat casing your house for a hiding place? Keeping the cat carrier out for a few days beforehand or hiding it in a handy hidden spot may be best if your cat is going to lose their furry little mind when they see it.  Allow plenty of time to get them into their carrier and into your car on the day, so that any last minute escapades won't delay you.

  • Cats need luggage too

Consider what toys or comfort items will help your cat settle in for cat boarding.  If they're fond of a blanket or pillow think about taking it with them so that they have the scent of home to snuggle into.  If they love being groomed you could send them with their favourite comb or brush to help them relax.  Talk to the carers at your cat's boarding facility about what they already provide and what extras they find helpful

  • Feline feasts

Discuss your cat's food preferences and habits with the cat boarding facility, especially if they're fussy or have dietary requirements for medical reasons such as allergies or renal disease. You'll need to find out what food options are provided by the cattery. Even if you don't need to provide all of their food sending along a few favourite treats may help them feel at home.

Once your cat is boarding try to relax and enjoy your holiday. Keep in touch with the cattery to find out how your kitty is settling in. Some cats do take a day or two to relax, but if you prepare all you need to ahead of time you can be confident that they've got everything they need and are well prepared for a relaxing time.

Contact a company like Penfield Kennels & Cattery for more information and assistance. 

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Pet Day Care: Crazy Cats and Deranged Dogs

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