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4 Reasons You Should Board Your Cat When You're Holding Open Houses

For most cat owners, their little furry friend is a big part of what makes their house into a home, but people who are looking to buy the property might not feel the same way. If you're going to set a few days aside for open houses, having your cat or cats around can be a bit of a problem.

Here are just four reasons why it makes sense to invest in cat boarding when you're trying to sell.

1. Keeps Them Out from Underfoot

When you or your estate agent are showing prospective buyers around the home, the last thing you want is a cat zooming around the room. Unfortunately, not all people are cat lovers, and they might not enjoy having one rub up against their ankles, much less try to climb up their trouser leg. And if they aren't bothering the guests, they might be begging you for attention when you really need to be answering questions and showing off your property.

It's not like you can keep them isolated in one room since anyone interested in buying is going to want to look in every room. Additionally, your cat might start yowling if you lock them away somewhere.

2. Helps Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy

Cats are great at keeping themselves clean. Unfortunately, they aren't quite so great when it comes to general good housekeeping. Whether it's shedding fur all over the place or testing to see whether your glass vase will bounce (spoiler alert: it won't), cats can make a home look a little messy and disorganised. Also, not everyone likes the way cats smell, and very few people are attracted to homes with litter boxes laid out in the kitchen.

3. Minimises Feline Stress

Maybe everyone that comes through your door will be as into cats as you are. Maybe they'll offer double the asking price because they got to give your kitty a few strokes. Even so, having lots of people around for a few open houses isn't really fair on your cat. Yes, some cats are remarkably gregarious, but they tend to be the exception to the rule. With strangers walking in and out of the house all day, which your cat will see as their territory, it's easy for cats to get more than a little stressed out.

4. Prevents Problems with Allergies

Finally, consider the fact that many people have allergies. If you get your cat out of the way for a couple of days, you'll be able to dust and vacuum away the worst of their dander to prevent any problems. If the cat is still in the house, you won't get such a chance, and no prospective buyer is going to enjoy viewing a property through streaming eyes and asking questions between sneezes.

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Pet Day Care: Crazy Cats and Deranged Dogs

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